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Why is no one on this community?!?! [31 Dec 2006|07:48pm]

I can 'ardly understand why this community is not more popular? I was sure there were more people in the world who lived, breathed and dreamed wood pigeons, who shriek like a banshee everytime they see one of our feathered friends, who go into ecstasies every time they hear their melodious 'hooo'-ing.

I am making a hat with a woodpigeon on.

That is all. Happy New Year.

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The song competition [24 Jan 2006|07:27pm]

well I kind of forgot about this thrilling competition, but I have the answer for you...

Good lord Louise Ball, you are in fact correct! The wood pigeon goes hoo HOO hoo, hoo hoo. Gold star for you.

If you should wish to see the proof, you will find it here


Along with an mp3 of the actual sound which you can download and have on repeat on windows media player and listen to it over and over again for the last 5 minutes

If you are cool

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5 [24 Jan 2006|07:20pm]

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I saw 5 wood pigeons in the park today

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HOOOO'se song is it anyHOOO? [03 Jan 2006|11:04pm]

I have been doing some very important research. And have discovered that while some, including me, thought that woodpigeons have two different songs (hoo HOO hoo and hoo HOO hoo, hoo hoo) -- they are in fact the songs from two different birds. One belongs to the woodpigeon, and the other to the collared dove. But which is which?

Comment with your guesses. If you in fact care.

The answer will follow in 24 hours time.. Don't cheat and look it up, that is just SAD.

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Wow what a great community to be a part of [30 Nov 2005|04:34pm]

Hello. I have joined your wonderful woodpigeon community. Ahhh, kats, I remember that woodpigeon-flying-into-the-window-after-we'd-been-to-pizza-hut-and-stuffed-our-faces-and-had-chocolate-FUNDOOs-and-went-to-the-tunbridge-wells-museum-where-there-was-a-spectacular-put-your-money-in-and-a-load-of-wooden-animals-stand-there-and-a-noise-goes-rrrrooooooaaaaarrrr incident! It was sad!

Also I have a question. Are the pigeons that you find in cities that get under your feet as you're trying to walk round the shops, woodpigeons or are they a different kind of pigeon?

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Twitching [01 Oct 2005|08:53pm]

On 'You've Been Framed' they had a woodpigeon that was trying to eat a slice of bread, which was hollow in the middle, so it was pretty much just the crusts left, so it picked the bread up in its beak and somehow tossed it in the air and somehow ended up wearing the bread round its neck like a BIG, BIG, baked necklace.

Also, in Turkey, as a reference to destiny_hikari's post, I discovered that Turkish woodpigeons merely go 'hoo-HOO, hoo.'

Wow. That was pointful, children.

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[06 Sep 2005|03:17pm]

Aoooh it was so sad, yesterday, me weese and jen were just walking back from town (we'd just been to the pizza hut buffet, I once again ate so much that I was pretty close to being sick... and then we of course had dessert, and they have this new thing which is called a Chocolate Fundoo HA HA HA FUNdoo, not fondue, FUNdoo, and what it is is a bowl of warm melted chocolate, with 8 warm mini donuts - 4 of them chocolate covered - and about 10 marshmallows, and you dip them in and EAT them, mmmmmmm except try doing that after stuffing your fat face with pizza, anyway after all that I could hardly walk) (oh yeah, and after pizza hut we went to the Tunbridge Wells Museum - cool - and decided to get the childrens activity sheets and do all the fun activities, and then we saw this thing where you put money in and it says "THE VALUE OF YOUR GIFT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MEASURE, DROP A COIN IN THE BOX TO REVEAL A HIDDEN TREASURE" so we did, and it was this small CRAPPY fake theatre thing with curtains, and when you put a coin in it did really lame 'triumphant' music, the curtains opened and there were these 4 small rubbish wooden animals, and some horrible fake animal roaring noises in the background for a couple of seconds, then the curtains shut again. So we thought this was hilarious, and laughed at it for about 10 minutes, to the amusement of the guy working there, and played it again, and me and weese took a video of it on our phones, so I can watch it forever!)

Anyway, about the woodpigeon.., we got to our path and were walking down towards our house, and we saw a woodpigeon in nextdoor's garden fly straight into one of their upstairs windows - we saw it happen, and heard a massive SMACK, and it left a woodpigeon-shaped smudge on the window. But amazingly, it didn't seem hurt, and just flew off again.

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not yet! [19 Aug 2005|09:59pm]

hmm my old cat tommy caught a wood pigeon once
we saved it from his evil claws but then it died of stress ...
Ms Fairy our new cat i called him JAM! he's great but he is totally black ..well a few strands of white under his chin and maybe a little bit brown from the sun. being black means he can catch everythings including GIANT RATS!! yucky. but to your relief no wood pigeons have been in his claws yet! phew
ARGH back to uni in 5weeks!

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Woodpigeons lingistics? [17 Aug 2005|10:14am]

When I was camping in Sussex last week, I noticed that the woodpigeons there (there are looooads) talk differently from the woodpigeons here. Yarrrr.

There is one in my garden now going:

hoo-HOOOOO-hoo! ... hoo-HOOOOO-hoo!

with 3 "hooo" syllables or whatever.
(and I am amused because its voice keeps breaking on every HOOOOO and it sounds really insane and demented)

But in Sussex they mostly went:

hoo-HOOOOO-hoo, hoo-hoo! ... hoo-HOOOOO-hoo, hoo-hoo!

With the crazy extra 2! Wheee!

And then there was this really fat one with a really deep voice going:

hoo-HOOOOO, hoo-hoo! ... hoo-HOOOOO, hoo-hoo!

with only 4 hoos. But all its friends were talking with 5 hoos! And it still only made 4 hoos! Maybe its mother taught it to speak wrong? Or maybe it is a special special pigeon of 4 hoos. Who knows.

Well wasn't that fascinating kiddies.

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[03 Jun 2005|11:38pm]

The other day I saw a wood pigeon, and I was happy and excited.
Then later that day I thought about when I saw the wood pigeon and I was happy and excited and joyful.
Then that night I dreamed about the wood pigeon, and I was happy and excited and joyful and ecstatic.
Then the next day I remembered the dream about the wood pigeon, and I was happy and excited and joyful and ecstatic and jolly.
Then later on I saw a photo of a wood pigeon in a book, and I was happy and excited and joyful and ecstatic and jolly and wooooo hooooo.

(Don't touch me Frodo!)

[03 Jun 2005|11:27pm]

Upon discovering that there was little love on Livejournal for the noble species of bird that is the Woodpigeon, we were suitably disgusted, and decided that in order to uneducate the unwashed masses, we would create one.

So here it is.

Happy Woodpigeon stalking.

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