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Aoooh it was so sad, yesterday, me weese and jen were just walking back from town (we'd just been to the pizza hut buffet, I once again ate so much that I was pretty close to being sick... and then we of course had dessert, and they have this new thing which is called a Chocolate Fundoo HA HA HA FUNdoo, not fondue, FUNdoo, and what it is is a bowl of warm melted chocolate, with 8 warm mini donuts - 4 of them chocolate covered - and about 10 marshmallows, and you dip them in and EAT them, mmmmmmm except try doing that after stuffing your fat face with pizza, anyway after all that I could hardly walk) (oh yeah, and after pizza hut we went to the Tunbridge Wells Museum - cool - and decided to get the childrens activity sheets and do all the fun activities, and then we saw this thing where you put money in and it says "THE VALUE OF YOUR GIFT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MEASURE, DROP A COIN IN THE BOX TO REVEAL A HIDDEN TREASURE" so we did, and it was this small CRAPPY fake theatre thing with curtains, and when you put a coin in it did really lame 'triumphant' music, the curtains opened and there were these 4 small rubbish wooden animals, and some horrible fake animal roaring noises in the background for a couple of seconds, then the curtains shut again. So we thought this was hilarious, and laughed at it for about 10 minutes, to the amusement of the guy working there, and played it again, and me and weese took a video of it on our phones, so I can watch it forever!)

Anyway, about the woodpigeon.., we got to our path and were walking down towards our house, and we saw a woodpigeon in nextdoor's garden fly straight into one of their upstairs windows - we saw it happen, and heard a massive SMACK, and it left a woodpigeon-shaped smudge on the window. But amazingly, it didn't seem hurt, and just flew off again.
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Tunbridge Wells woodpigeons sound COOL. All the Hodsoll Street ones do is line up on the cables in a long line and pretend they are going to divebomb you as you drive past. Although they never actually do...