manwoman (manwoman) wrote in woodpigeons,

HOOOO'se song is it anyHOOO?

I have been doing some very important research. And have discovered that while some, including me, thought that woodpigeons have two different songs (hoo HOO hoo and hoo HOO hoo, hoo hoo) -- they are in fact the songs from two different birds. One belongs to the woodpigeon, and the other to the collared dove. But which is which?

Comment with your guesses. If you in fact care.

The answer will follow in 24 hours time.. Don't cheat and look it up, that is just SAD.
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Oooh I cannot guess! Enlighten me! But the second one sounds cooler...

(You are not a very good judge of time, it has been at least 120 hours.)
I guess that... the hoo HOO hoo is from the collared dove, and the hoo HOO hoo, hoo hoo is from the woodpigeon! Because the woodpigeon thinks it is cooler than the collared dove, so does a longer one.